bLIFESTYLE Kammmolch Cranberry

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bLIFESTYLE Kammmolch sandals for summer.


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bLIFESTYLE sandals with velcro are designed for summer adventures for a child with a narrow and medium width foot.

bLIFESTYLE Kammmolch is a barefoot shoe.
Barefoot shoes are minimalist shoes that give an experience close to walking barefoot with feet still protected from cold and injury. Walking in barefoot shoes strengthens muscles, lets your child’s feet receive sensory feedback from the ground and provides free movement of the growing feet. Barefoot shoes are the most comfortable shoes your child has ever worn.

They are characterized by:

  • Wide toe box following the natural shape of toes
  • Zero heel-to-toe drop
  • No arch support
  • A flexible and thin sole
  • Lightweight

Main features: The materials used in the sandal are organic and vegetable tanned, harmless to your child’s skin and environment friendly. The thin soles of the sandals are a mixture of synthetic rubber and cork, which protects the feet from punctures and at the same time provides good contact with the ground. The shoes have velcro for adjusting and attaching them to the foot.

Where to wear: bLIFESTYLE Kammmolch sandals are ideal for the summer season in the forest, on the city street, in the sandbox and on the playground.

Fit: The sandals are a good fit for narrow and medium width feet with a narrow heel and medium instep.

Upper material: organic leather (vegetable tanned)
Lining material: organic leather (vegetable tanned)
Insole: removable organic leather (vegetable tanned)
Sole: 70% synthetic rubber, 30% cork
Fastening: velcro
Care: We recommend spray for the leather shoes for maintenance and to increase water resistance
Made in Portugal



EU size Inside length (cm) Width (cm) 23 15.5 6.5 24 16.4 6.6 25 16.9 6.6 26 17.7 6.8 27 18.4 6.9 28 18.9 7.0 29 19.7 7.2 30 20.3 7.4 31 21.1 7.5 32 21.5 7.7 33 22.5 7.8 34 22.9 7.9 35 23.6 8.0 36 24.3 8.1

Specification: bLIFESTYLE Kammmolch Cranberry





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