Mukishoes Chelsea Black Leather boots

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Handmade unisex Chelsea Black Leather boots for warmer winter days, spring and autumn.


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Enjoy a new level of comfort in these soft leather ankle boots from Mukishoes.

Main features: Mukishoes Chelsea Black Leather boots are handmade. The upper is made of chrome-free black leather and the inner lining is grey felted wool. The toe box is wide, and the natural rubber sole lets your foot bend, move, feel and flex naturally. Mukishoes do not have an insole yet for a lot of people they sit better with an insole. Therefore, we recommend trying them with a thin insole.

Where to wear: Chelsea Black Leather is a unisex boot suitable for casual and formal wear. They are good for everyday wear during the spring-autumn season. Pairing these boots with skirts, dresses, and trousers is easy.

Fit: Mukishoes Chelsea Black Leather boot is suitable for feet of medium width and medium instep.

Upper material: chrome-free leather
Lining material: burel
Sole: natural 3.5 mm thick rubber
We recommend regular care for the leather shoes for maintenance and to increase water resistance
Produced: in Portugal

Mukishoes Chelsea Black Leather is a barefoot shoe.
Barefoot shoes are minimalist shoes that give an experience close to walking barefoot with feet still protected from cold and injury. Walking in barefoot shoes strengthens muscles, helps feet regain their natural shape, eases hallux valgus, and prevents ankle, knee, and back problems. Barefoot shoes are the most comfortable shoes you have ever worn.

They are characterized by:

  •  Wide toe box following the natural shape of toes
  •  Zero heel-to-toe drop
  •  No arch support
  •  A flexible and thin sole
  •  Lightweight


EU size Inside length (cm) Width (cm) 37 24.1 9.5 38 24.8 9.7 39 25.4 10 40 26.1 10.2 41 26.8 10.6 42 27.4 10.8 43 28.1 11.1 44 28.8 11.3 45 29.4 11.6 46 30.1 11.9 47 30.7 12.1

Specification: Mukishoes Chelsea Black Leather boots






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