Playshoes Rain Footie Pink

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Playshoes Rain Footies are eco friendly waterproof foot covers.

Playshoes Rain Footie is a barefoot shoe.

Barefoot shoes are minimalist shoes that give an experience close to walking barefoot with feet still protected from cold and injury. Walking in barefoot shoes strengthens muscles, helps feet regain their natural shape, ease hallux valgus and prevent ankle, knee and back problems. Barefoot shoes are the most comfortable shoes you have ever worn.

They are characterized by:

  • Wide toe box following the natural shape of toes
  • Zero heel-to-toe drop
  • No arch support
  • Flexible and thin sole
  • Light weight

Main features: Covers are a good alternative to wellies if the baby has walked for less than 6-12 months. The reason is simple: the wellies cannot be attached to the foot. Playshoes covers that can be pulled on other shoes are helpful here.

Where to wear: Playshoes are suitable for use on all types of soil, including asphalt, but keep in mind that they are not hard rubber wellies. If the asphalt is dry or only wet, it is not necessary to cover the shoes. Intended for use mainly on wet lawns and sandboxes and on wet asphalt with puddles.

Fit: Perfect for Liliputi boots. Liliputi boots up to and including size L fit nicely into size S Playshoes covers. The Liliputi XXL boot fits nicely in a size M Playshoes cover. Choose covers with a longer inner length than the outer lenght of the shoe.


Upper material: synthetic with 100% PU-coating
Lining material: unlined

Sole: synthetic
Fastening: adjustable using elastic top and press studs
Care: can be machine-washed at 40 degrees


EU size Inside length (cm) S 14.5 M 16.5

Specification: Playshoes Rain Footie Pink



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