Peerko 2.0 Frost Black

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Peerko 2.0 Frost Black boots are ideal companions for cold winter weather. Wool-lined boots keep your feet warm.


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Peerko 2.0 Frost Black boots are winter boots with wool lining.

Peerko 2.0 Frost boot is a barefoot shoe.

Barefoot shoes are minimalist shoes that give an experience close to walking barefoot with feet still protected from cold and injury. Walking in barefoot shoes strengthens muscles, helps feet regain their natural shape, ease hallux valgus and prevent ankle, knee and back problems. Barefoot shoes are the most comfortable shoes you have ever worn.

They are characterized by:

  • Wide toe box following the natural shape of toes
  • Zero heel-to-toe drop
  • No arch support
  • Flexible and thin sole
  • Light weight

Main features: Frost boots are made of high-quality leather, which is made of water-based adhesives, without solvents. Instead of upper lace loops, there are hooks that make it easier to put on and take off the boots. If you do not want to use the hooks, there are also loops hidden under them, through which the straps can be passed.

The sole of the boots is made of flexible recyclable thermoplastic rubber, the thickness of the main part is 3.5 mm and the depth of the sole pattern is 1.5 mm. The sole bends well with the movement of the foot. The sole is glued and sewn to the upper part of the boot.

Where to wear: Peerko footwear is designed in collaboration with physiotherapists to give the feet enough space and foot-friendly comfort. These minimal boots are great for everyday use.

Fit: The boots are suitable for medium width and medium height feet. Thanks to the possibility of adjusting with laces, the boots can be fitted to both very thin and wider ankles.


Upper material: leather
Lining material: wool

Sole: Peerko 5mm rubber sole
Fastening: laces
Care: Goldenmix wax is suitable for the care of leather shoes. The wax makes the leather smoother, gives a little shine, makes it easier to maintain. Boots should be sprayed regularly, but definitely every time the boots are cleaned from larger dirt.

Made in the Czech Republic


EU size Inside length (cm) Width (cm) 37 38 24.8 9.7 39 25.2 9.8 40 26.2 10.0 41 26.8 10.1 42 27.5 10.3 43 28.1 10.4 44 45

Specification: Peerko 2.0 Frost Black





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