TOPI Natural shoe cleaner

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TOPI Natural shoe cleaner is an effective cleaner for all shoes.

Product features: Removes daily soiling and salt residues. It opens the pores of the skin, allowing the nutrients in the TOPI natural range of creams to act. The use of a cleanser is especially recommended for those who take care of their skin products regularly. Targeted use of TOPI natural products prolongs the life of your shoes by up to 50%.

Where and how to use: The shoe cleaner is ideal for materials like smooth leather, oiled leather, imitation leather. Clean shoes from dust and dirt. Spray the cleaner on the shoes. Clean with a soft cotton cloth in a circular motion. Wipe off excess with a cotton cloth. Repeat if necessary. Clean and dry shoes with TOPI natural cream or conditioner.

Ingredients: anionic surfactants > 30% water,< 5%, nonionic surfactants < 5%, water-soluble solvents, mixture of natural essential oils (Citral, Citronellol)
Packaging: 250ml aluminium spray bottle, ready to use
Safety: Keep out of reach of children! In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water. If necessary, consult a doctor
Storage: Store in the original package at a temperature above +5 ° C. Shelf life two years from the date of manufacture
Environment: 100% biodegradable product. Free of PFCs and toxins. The packaging is made of recycled aluminium. The cleaned packaging is reusable

Made in Estonia


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