TOPI Natural REPEL spray

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TOPI Natural REPEL spray creates a durable, breathable barrier that effectively repels liquids and stains. Its water-based formula is safe to use on all materials and making repeat cleaning easier.

Product features: Natural Repel creates a durable and breathable barrier that effectively repels water and dirt. Makes cleaning easier. Dirt can be removed from the surface with a damp cloth. Suitable for TEX® materials. Water-based, safe for use on all materials. UV-stable and non-flammable.

Where and how to use: The water-based solution is ideal for most materials: textiles, nylon, artificial materials, leather, suede, nubuck. Clean the surface of dust and dirt. Shake the product and spray evenly on the entire surface from a distance of 20 cm until the surface is wet. Before final drying, wipe off any excess with a soft cloth. Allow drying completely. Completely safe for the environment, humans and animals.
Tip: Apply 2 coats for long-term protection.

Ingredients: An exclusive recipe that is not classified as harmful, flammable or dangerous. The aqueous emulsion contains only natural components
Packaging: 160ml aluminium spray bottle, ready to use
Safety: Keep out of reach of children! In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water. If necessary, consult a doctor
Storage: Store in the original package at a temperature above +5 ° C. Shelf life two years from the date of manufacture
Environment: 100% biodegradable product. Free of PFCs and toxins. The packaging is made of recycled aluminium. The cleaned packaging is reusable

Made in Estonia


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