Lems Trailhead V2

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Lemshoes is an American barefoot shoe brand. Lems shoes are very light, are produced of high quality leather and fit normal and a bit wider feet. Lems’ soles are a bit thicker than most barefoot shoe soles (9mm) which is why they are a good choice for transferring from regular shoes to barefoot shoes.

Trailhead V2 is Lems most versatile shoe yet, the Lems Mountain Sneaker is our take on a minimalist hiking shoe equipped for any trail, trek or urban travel adventure. With its wide toe box, minimal heel drop, and lightweight design, it’s sure to keep pushing your boundaries. Whether you’re climbing, going on a bike and brew tour, or even backpacking around the world, the Trailhead will be sure to take you far away from the ordinary. Designed for the trail but styled for the city streets, this 100% vegan hiking shoe will be the answer for your every move.


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