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Gift cards can be purchased directly from the e-shop.

When the order is completed and paid, we will send you a gift card with a discount code and validity period in PDF format by e-mail so that you can either print it out or send it to the recipient by e-mail. Gift card can be used once during a one year period.

With the gift card, you can purchase goods from Mugavik Barefoot webshop in the value indicated on the gift card. The gift card can be used only once. If the value of the purchased goods is less than the total value of the gift card (or cards), the difference in cost will not be refunded. The gift card does not cover shipping costs.

The minimum value of a gift card can be 15€. If you would like to buy a gift card with a special amount (22€, 69€, 123€, etc.), please contact us by e-mail:


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