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Filii Himalaya is a warm winter boot for snowy winter.

Filii Himalaya is a barefoot shoe.
Barefoot shoes are minimalist shoes that give an experience close to walking barefoot with feet still protected from cold and injury. Walking in barefoot shoes strengthens muscles, let your child’s feet to receive sensory feedback from the ground and provides free movement of the growing feet. Barefoot shoes are the most comfortable shoes your child has ever worn.

They are characterized by:

  •  Wide toe box following the natural shape of toes
  •  Zero heel-to-toe drop
  •  No arch support
  •  A flexible and thin sole
  •  Lightweight

Main features: Filii minimalist boots are made of the chrome-free velour. The chrome-free leather lining ensures your little one’s feet only come in contact with healthy materials, offering special protection for their delicate skin.
Himalaya wool lining gives you peace of mind accompanying your little ones on their adventures. Soles are made of very soft latex-free rubber which is allergen-free.

Where to wear: Whether you want your child’s child’s feet to feel free and adventurous in the snow or spending long winter day outdoors, Filii Himalaya is just the right fit. 

Fit: Filii barefoot boots are suitable for feet of narrow width.

Upper material: Nappa leather
Lining material: wool
Insole: removable foam covered with wool
Sole: latex-free rubber
Fastening: straps
We recommend Goldenmix wax for the leather shoes for maintenance and to increase water resistance.
Made in Portugal.


EU size Inside length (cm) Width (cm) 23 15.0 6.2 24 15.7 6.3 25 16.4 6.5 26 17.0 6.7 27 17.6 6.8 28 18.2 7.0 29 19.1 7.2 30 19.7 7.3 31 20.2 7.5 32 20.8 7.6
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